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January 18 2020


How to setup & configure D-Link wireless router

For these few steps, because I have asked many of my friends and they say that they have paid 300 rupees for these few process, which is very simple so without wasting time, I shall begin and guys do sale this article to your friends and subscribe.

My blog first of all, I will go through the cable connection and then I will take you guys in the laptop and show you all process. So let's begin this is the LAN cable of broadband connection that the provider will provide you so try to fit in your laptop's LAN port. As I am doing then open your browser and go to your broadband home page. I am using allies, so I am going to allies home page and I have login and password with me, so I will provide that to access my internet connection.

Let me open a browser and show you that Internet is running fine. Yes, it is running this way. We have checked our internet connection, is running fine well now remove the lan cable of broadband from your laptop's LAN port. Let me open my browser and I am pressing reload button and you can see there is no internet connection, so it is saying the site can't be reached now the main process of configuration we have to connect our router.

This is the back portion of my router. This is power button. This is Van cable, that is, broadband cable will be entered here. 4 ports are available in my router, so I have to connect my power adapter small land extension cable, which I have got in my dealing router and the router see the connection carefully. First of all, I have connected my adapter, then broadband connection over van pot and the small yellow extension wire to one of those four ports.

Any of the four port you can select. I have selected second one and the next end of the yellow extension will go inside the laptop LAN port after power on you can check the LEDs. This is led off power. This is Wi-Fi is LED. This is broadband LED, and this is LAN. Port number 2 LED, since there is no internet connection, so slow to the downward sea, open network and sharing center click over there, and here is a change.

Adapter settings go then Ethernet selected right click and go to properties after that. Go to Internet Protocol version 4 and then go to properties from previously your provider will configure this IP so that you can use the broadband connection. So we have to remove these IDs click on obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically and then ok, then click close now you have to open your browser and go to this link. and click enter. You will be redirected to dillings web page. This is the interface of the page, and here is van setup. Connection type will Mies static, so I am selecting starting and the IP address of my broadband connection. I have to provide these IPS total five IPS are there, so I am providing one after the other one 72.1. What 106.1 zero eight to double 5.2 double 5.8 double 5.1 to eat.

Once I went to dot one eight and dot 106.1 and then the wireless set-up, the name of the router I am putting my name, which is a Vegeta garwal and the password is subscribed, click over save and connect. And here you have not to provide any password, just click on login. This is the setup page. Click on setup then go to easy setup and hit on next button then select a static, IP and then click Next see those IPS and then check after checking.

Click on next see this and then click on next, and this way the process is finished. Wait a moment then the last and the most important step is this click on setup once again then go to internet setup, scroll down and the Mac clone process. This is the main step, so we have to clone our Mac from PC. Then select that and click on apply changes. As you will click you have to wait for 35 seconds. I am fast-forwarding those 35 seconds.

You have to wait after this, as you will with you, will see this page. So let me check my internet for that. I have to once again log in to my allies broadband connection. Click on login. You may have your other broadband connection. You have to login, though that and let me check Google. Yes, it is working fine. Well now, it's time to set up our wireless connection. That is Wi-Fi. So let me remove the lan cable from my laptop and if I will click on refresh button, then since there is no internet connection in my laptop, so the page will not open.

Now we have to connect through Wi-Fi, so take your mouse towards your Wi-Fi, icon and click over there. Yes, there is a Vegeta girl, which is saying secured click on that connect, automatically connect and the password su B scri be your would be different click on it. As you will click on next, it will take connecting and other side left hand side. You can see that Google page has automatically opened, so this was the full setup process, and this way you can see that you have successfully set up your de link router.

Let me open one page that is youtube.Com. Yes, it is opening fine well, and this way our Wi-Fi as well as our de link router has been configured. That'S it guys hope. I helped you and if you found this article useful then to subscribe, my blog and like this article also share with your friends and if you want to purchase the same router, which I have configured right now, then you can go to the description box and link.

Has been provided and you can buy one for you and if you have any doubt or any query then feel free to comment and if you have not understood in single time, then try to replay this article once again. That'S it thanks.

 Source from: https://routerloginn.com/

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